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Our development team in India speaks the programming language fluently and uses this information to create sturdy platforms for your business. We have several technologies and CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Html, Ruby, Ajax and many more that we choose from, which attracts our global clients. Web Development India.

Web Development India

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Eyecatchy Designs specializes in creating striking designs for your websites that motivates your audience and draws their attention to your company. We transform websites into powerful business sites that will be easy to navigate through and promote your website. We have an outstanding team of web designers who are based in India and serve the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and other part of the world. Because they specialize in the latest technologies and keep our websites and apps up to speed. They go the extra mile to deliver a flawless look in every design and coding.

Our clean, crisp, and clear websites will captivate the results that will make your business thrive. We use many software applications to provide you with the utmost presentation we can deliver. The web development team will guide you through the process of creating a visually attractive websites, that will have a prominent effect on your clients. All of our web designs are custom built because your online presence needs that unique edge you need. Outsource Web Development India.

Web programming

Eyecatchy Design’s development team speaks the programming language fluently hence uses this information to create sturdy platforms for your business by using several technologies such as Java script, Perl, Python, Html, Ruby, Ajax and many more that we choose from. Our team use these to dig down to the core fundamentals of your foundations and we will piece together the needed information to make this a sturdy wall of information. We will chose the best program that fits your business needs and use it to get your application to function to its full potential. Most of all our smooth delivery, fast running programs  load fast and are easy to use.

Dynamic Website:-

While using a dynamic website, your pages will not be static pages because it will display different content every time it is viewed. These pages will respond with a click of the mouse or with a keystroke. Our web design team will work closely with you to create this perfect web site to use for login pages, forums, shopping carts, and other features as a result our clients get customized solutions for their needs. Dynamic websites are a fast changing technology that will need to be updated often. Our Indian web development team has made this easy for you, to be able to do any updates needed on your website pages.

WordPress Website Development:-

Eyecatchy Designs has used WordPress creatively for creating all size of websites ranging from small static websites to large dynamic portals with hundreds of web pages. Our experienced WordPress website designers and developers have created many add-ons plugins by utilizing the extensible nature of WordPress CMS. Our WordPress developers not only create responsive websites but also optimize it for the search engines and other social media presence therefore we enjoy exploring new tools for developing best possible websites for our clients to cater them. Outsource Web Development India


We provide successful projects windows & web based offshore software solutions using Joomla programming. Joomla is one of the most widely used content management systems used in website design for small businesses as well as large corporate websites. It is powerful, easy to use, affordable and reliable.


Using Drupal makes it easy create and manage many types of websites. This application gives you a content management platform and a development framework to work with. Most noteworthy you will be able to interact with this website by clicking the mouse or with your keyboard. In conclusion you will have many more options, when creating your website. Drupal will present you with a strong and steady technology foundation to expose your website to numerous users.


Our Magento development services help clients to increase their online business and be competitive because we build powerful Ecommerce Applications that to in very short time at affordable rates.

Static Website:-

The main goal of our static webpage’s is to provide information to the users in a positive and informative manner. All of the pages on a static website will be static, which means that the content is delivered to the user exactly how is has been stored. So the webpage displays the same information every time it is viewed. There is no interaction with clicking or keyboard strokes on these type of websites. Generally this is used as a beginner’s site, therefore it is great for a company who does not need to update often. Outsource Web Development India.